Meet the Team


We are a group of women supporting women in Indianapolis.
Some of us like a laundry a lot. Some just like it a little.
But all of us love taking care of others.

Katie Pellerin


I am a mom to two girls and a special education teacher and director. I started doing laundry for friends as an extra source of income while in grad school. Once I hit capacity, I knew I needed to grow my team. And here we are! I have a background in small business, project management and marketing so I enjoy running the business side of things while also filling in for the team as needed. I truly enjoy laundry and love being able to support people in this way even more. When a friend shares they are stressed, I'm known to say "GIVE ME YOUR LAUNDRY." And I mean it. 

Andrea Raes, Caregiver

Caregiver, North Central

Raised on the east coast, I went to school in Chicago where I met my now husband and ended up following him to Indianapolis for a job and we’ve been here ever since! We have two fabulous daughters and a sweet dog. I am a professional musician, playing the flute in two regional orchestras and freelancing in Indy. I also teach private lessons to students from elementary school through high school and college. I think I am a rare sort who actually LIKES to do laundry and being a Caregiver allows me to take a chore off of someone else’s plate that they may not enjoy at all. 

Cheyanne Strong, Caregiver

Caregiver, North Central

I’m a solo mom of two sweet boys. We have two cats. We love traveling, hiking, playing soccer, and cooking. I am a registered nurse for a local non-profit that helps first time low income moms achieve their health and wellness goals for themselves and for their babies.

Audra Fesler, Caregiver

Caregiver, North

All I have ever done is work for humans 💗 I worked in the restaurant industry from ages 15-27. At 24, I began my hairstylist career that has transpired into an amazing work-from-home experience. I have a 10-year-old son who is my world. We walk dogs together at his request for his business. I am a full-time momma and hairstylist. I am a part-time outdoorsy hiking, book worm.

January Campbell

Caregiver, East Central

I grew up around Indianapolis and just recently bought a house in Irvington, my dream neighborhood and community. I have a toddler son who I am raising to be a giving and serving person. My favorite way to do this is to find ways to get involved in the surrounding community.  I am a licensed Esthetician since 2017, and have been in and out of the beauty industry. One thing the industry has taught me is there is no better way to make yourself feel good than by helping others. Laundry is the perfect way to do this. After I had a baby, I realized just how overwhelming laundry can be. I have found a system that works for my family and would love to help others get ahead on the chore! 

Jena Steele

Caregiver, East Central

I'm a homeschooling mom on a mission to make every day an adventure for my two free-spirited daughters. Whether we're exploring the wilderness, getting artsy, or whipping up tasty treats in the kitchen, there's never a dull moment in our household. I am also a photographer and pet-sitter; I find joy in capturing special moments and providing a helping hand wherever I can. 

Beth Crum

Caregiver, East Central

Hi I’m Beth!  I’m a mom of three adult children and a massage therapist. I love reading, listening to music, strong coffee and good conversations. I like to go on walks and hang out with friends. I love plants & flowers and hope to have a small garden this year. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂

Kayleigh Adrian

Caregiver Sub

I'm a wife and mother to a very rambunctious two-year-old. I also work at the University of Indianapolis as a Project Director. In my free time, I (we) enjoy spending time with family/friends, trying out new dining experiences, listening to audiobooks while I'm driving to and from, spending countless hours outdoors entertaining said toddler, as well as visiting all of the kid-friendly places Indy has to offer.