Meet the Team


We are a group of women supporting women in Indianapolis.
Some of us like a laundry
a lot. Some just like it a little.
But all of us love taking care of others.

Katie Pellerin, Founder

I am a mom to two girls and a grad student in special education. I started doing laundry for friends as an extra source of income while I study. Once I hit capacity, I knew I needed to grow my team. And here we are! I have a background in small business, project management and marketing so I enjoy running the business side of things while also taking on my own clients. I truly enjoy laundry and love being able to support people in this way even more. When a friend shares they are stressed, I'm known to say "GIVE ME YOUR LAUNDRY." And I mean it.

Beth Droste-Glowinski, Caregiver

Hi. I am a busy mother of four girls. I am currently in school working towards my IBCLC license to help nursing mothers have the breastfeeding relationship they hope to achieve. I also work for a company that helps non-profits with fundraising where I work as a chat support associate. Laundry is a job I can do while also tending to my younger kids and it allows me the flexibility to work when I am able. I started working with Katie to help families who have additional stressors because sometimes life's just too much. So glad you have found us and look forward to helping your family!

Christina Martin, Caregiver

I am a mostly stay-at-home mom to three active boys, so I have learned how to deeply love washing away anything and everything daily. I'm a classically trained musician as well as a very avid knitter, so I enjoy completing very specific tasks that might seem repetitive to others. My time is more flexible than many others', so I would be very happy to know something I enjoy doing would also help you.

January Campbell, Caregiver

I grew up around Indianapolis and just recently bought a house in Irvington, my dream neighborhood and community. I have a toddler son who I am raising to be a giving and serving person. My favorite way to do this is to find ways to get involved in the surrounding community. I am a licensed Esthetician since 2017, and have been in and out of the beauty industry. One thing the industry has taught me is there is no better way to make yourself feel good than by helping others. Laundry is the perfect way to do this. After I had a baby, I realized just how overwhelming laundry can be. I have found a system that works for my family and would love to help others get ahead on the chore!

Kayleigh Adrian, Caregiver

I'm a wife and mother to a very rambunctious two year old. I also work at the University of Indianapolis as a Project Director. In my free time, I(we) enjoy spending time with family/friends, trying out new dining experiences, listening to audio-books while I'm driving to and from, spending countless hours outdoors entertaining said toddler, as well as visiting all of the kid friendly places Indy has to offer.

Tara Elder, Caregiver

I’m a wife, and a working mother of two young boys. I understand that the stress of keeping up on daily tasks can be very overwhelming. I’m happy to help reduce that stress for others.