How It Works

Once you submit your request you will be paired with a Cedar+Sage Caregiver.
Then the magic begins.

1 // Pick Up

Once you've been matched with a Caregiver, you will agree on a pick-up day and time.

2 // Pay

You'll receive a payment request via Venmo*. Payment is due before delivery.

3 // Cleanse

Your Caregiver will sort your laundry by darks and lights, then wash and dry according to your preferences.

4 // Prepare

Your laundry will be folded neat and sorted by type of garment and family member.

5 // Deliver

Your laundry will be packaged and delivered to your doorstep. Most orders take around 24 hours from pick-up to delivery.

6 // Breathe

Sit back and enjoy a cup of tea while you gaze upon your fresh stack of threads.

* You choose to pay by the bag or by the pound.  If you chose the canvas bag option, you will be invoiced for five (5) Cedar+Sage laundry bags ($30) and bags will be delivered once payment is received. Each filled canvas bag of laundry is $15. Large items such as comforters, pillows and large blankets are a flat $15 per item for all clients. Anything else not packaged in canvas bags is priced at $1.50/pound. There is a $20 minimum for all orders.. All payments are through Venmo @cedarandsageco and laundry is delivered after payment is received. Tips are accepted, but never expected. We find most weekly orders are $30-60 depending on family size and lifestyle.